January 19, 2021

It’s Alien Autopsy week here at Brokeworld!

Broke Yeti Productions does not have an official position, but I personally believe the footage is genuine. THIS is the footage all by itself, and THIS is Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction? Hosted by Riker from TNG. It’s hilarious that Fox felt they had to blur the alien pussy.

I enjoy THIS long downtempo track from John Talabot.

There’s some great music in THIS mix from Gabrielle Kwartweng.

I just saw Lizzie Borden’s amazing Born in Flames. It’s a great movie with a killer soundtrack. Most times when a song in a movie has the title of the movie in the lyrics it is super cheesy. This is definitely an exception:

And here’s a track I heard in a mix by Billy Jones. I think I heard it before but I’d forgotten it:

January 12, 2021

Joan Micklin Silver died recently and I had just watched Crossing Delancy for the first time and THIS ONE. Chilly Scenes of Winter is the best IMO. RIP to an underrated filmmaker!

I watched another Jeff Goldblum movie that I’d never seen before, Into the Night. It’s not a great film. But a Worthington Ford commercial plays on TV in the movie twice, and it was a real nostalgia trip for me. I heard “Here’s Cal Worthington and his dog spot!” like seven times a day for every day of my youth. They really are weird commercials, here’s a couple of examples:

Oumuamua is long gone, but I like hearing Avi Loeb talk about it!

I like the way Sean Witzke writes. Check out the Medium profile HERE. Check out the website HERE.

January 8, 2021

Bit of a late start this year, oh well. If a website gets updated in the woods and no one visits, does it make a sound? The foundations of our society have been kicked out from under us one brick at a time since the Reagan years. It was done for short term gain. The collapse is imminent unless we can shore things up with some kind of drastic intervention. I don’t see it happening… Oh well, HERE‘s a movie I like:

Both of THESE back-to-back mixes are nice…

Josh Caffé with more great tunes in THIS mix!

Maurice Fulton put out another killer BOOF LP last year. His Syclops stuff is amazing too. I hope he puts something out in 2021.

I love the idea of debt unions. There’s nothing stopping repayment strikes against a credit card companies or local utilities. THIS ARTICLE is about the Debt Collective, which sounds like a good org –I’d love to see a debt union focused on medical debt. FUCK EVERY HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY!

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