January 11, 2022

Clown at Midnight is a Shawn C. Philips rec. I never heard of it but he said it was a backstage-killer movie like Stagefreight so I figured I’d better check it out. I was not disappointed!

I like THIS PAINTING by Alina Perez. It’s called Keep Still:

HERE‘s a disco mix by Pied Piper for Puzzled Radio:

No such thing as too much disco. This mix is by Ben Spalding—he’s always good…

January 4, 2022

Someone I follow on Letterboxd recently watched this and I was happy to find it on YouTube. It’s Hail the New Puritan, a perfect 2022 movie. Here’s to all the glue-sniffing choreographers!

Here’s one that’ll make ya think!

Kicking off the year with some great funky disco courtesy of Greg Wilson. Try not to dance to this shit, it’s impossible.

This eccentric hip-hop mix from Dave Hudson gets a yes from me.

Ravey fog-machine & strobe light shit from Camea

Magrosi brings the funk to YouTube.

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