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The Reverse Birth Trilogy uses crime fiction, conspiracy paranoia, and pop-metaphysics to construct a psychedelic funhouse version of reality. Spanning the 55 years between 1992 and 2047, each of these three short novels sheds new light on the events and ideas of the other two. Constant throughout is the Industry, a secret organization working to shape the future, and the Kibele Academy, a militant sisterhood dedicated to upending the social order.

Buckle up for a dark ride through the new age of awe and wonder, where the boundaries of human existence are porous and unstable and the world is somehow even stranger than it appears…


When a yeti named Mawei hears a car crash on a mountain road in Northern California, she decides to investigate. The wheels are still spinning on the half-crushed, upside down car at the bottom of the gorge. A man and woman have been killed in the wreck, but there is a child, alive and unharmed, hanging from a car seat in the back. Her name is Helena, she is six years old. 

With a snowstorm on the way, Mawei knows that the little girl won’t survive on her own. Mawei is breaking an ancient rule of yeti culture that forbids contact with humans, but she takes the child. 

Getting Helena back to the world of the humans turns out to be a lot harder than Mawei thought it would be, and when the wrong yetis find out what she’s up to, the race is on to get the little human to safety before they can catch and kill her…


UFO cults, mass suicides, clones, designer drugs, brain-implants, propaganda, mind control, war, politics and conspiracies big and small -this collection contains all 20 previously published Second Civil War stories. In the chaotic aftermath of a complete economic collapse, the American people turn to a right-wing political movement, the Christian Nationalist Party, to restore order. When the western states refuse to enact some of the party’s harsh new anti-terror measures, the military moves in, setting off a long and bloody civil war. This series of short stories explores the impact of the war on the lives of people from every level of society.


How far would you go to help a friend in trouble? 

Ben Perkins might go so far as to risk his job, but with a friend like David Telano, in the kind of trouble he’s in, he’ll wind up risking his life. With the encouragement of his girlfriend Jessie, a 24 hour a day weed smoker, Ben is soon mixed up in a war that’s going on just beneath the surface of his quiet Ohio town. On one side is a former newspaper editor, radicalized by the murder of her girlfriend, and on the other is a wealthy businessman running a drug-smuggling operation from a private airfield. In between them is Ben, who starts out trying to help a friend but ends up just trying to stay out of jail and continue breathing.


This is not a book -it’s a scam. 

It’s the story of Nick, a seventeen year old weed-smoking, acid-eating, suburban nihilist dropout who accidentally stumbles across an idea that is truly revolutionary. In this text you will find arguments against art, money, sobriety, religion, education, and the rule of law.

This is Benjamin Broke’s first novel and it is deeply flawed and wrong on many levels. You should begin downloading it immediately.

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