May 17, 2022

Kansas City Confidential is a great anti-cop movie. The crooks try to screw over the wrong ex-con. Good stuff…

I don’t know what it is about this Tony Price record that keeps me coming back. It’s kind of sleazy and cheesy in all the right proportions somehow. Really nice. It’s Mark VI.

I bet you people thought I was gone , huh???

I find it very easy to write with this Blue Note comp on…

and while we’re in YouTube music land…

May 10, 2022

Gimme a story with a big pile of money floating around and a bunch of unscrupulous people trying to get their grubby hands on it and I’m happy. Kill Me Again was a new one for me…

Great Expectations by Miles Davis is an epic journey through a juicy sonic landscape.

Cool mix from Brothers In Arts.

I can’t believe this is from 1969—it’s still fresh…

Another outstanding mix from Superbreak.

May 3, 2022

How great is Allison Hayes in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman? I mean even before she undergoes her transformation? She’s also the baddie in Hypnotic Eye—I caught both of those gems on TCM recently.

Seriously disturbed by today’s news. WTF? The Democrats currently control the WH and both houses of congress and they could enshrine abortion rights in the law if they chose to. I’m sure the Christian Nationalists are coming for gay marriage/adoption next. The fascists are on the rise—watch out!!!

My current musical obsession:

Some great woo-woo shit from Knekelhuis

Feel the vibes…


April 26, 2022

Love a good pulpy-twisty southern fried thriller. Check out Scalpel (1977)

Sometimes you need a Barry White slow jam mix…

And sometimes you need a good reggae/dancehall mix.

I enjoyed this eccentric house mix from Magic Carpet.

Fuck Rhonda Santiss and her Floridian hate machine!

April 19, 2022

Been looking to check All About Evil off my Natasha Lyonne completist list for a while. It’s tough to see so it probably won’t stay on YouTube long. Viva De-bor-ah and viva Elvira, Mink Stole, and all the drag queens in this thing too!

Chill music to chill to…

Groovy music to groove to….

Uptown funk with a fun disco mix

I like THIS ARTICLE by GD Dess in LARB… “in our world of superabundant cultural commodities, there is nothing that can’t be ignored, and any individual or group effort will most likely prove to be insignificant”

April 12, 2022

Love Lily Tomlin in The Incredible Shrinking Woman.

If you don’t have a colorful handmade animated music video, why are you even in a band?

DISCO mix by Fray Bentos!

HOUSE MUSIC mix by Kaysoul!

Soultronic High Groovin Sessions are always good!

April 5, 2022

Funeral Parade of Roses is a great movie, I don’t really care about the the third act plot twist, I just like the queer Japanese counter-culture vibes. Not sure how long this is going to stay up on YouTube so watch it for free while you can!

Here are a few very different LPs that I love on Bandcamp:

Malik Hendricks’ Cutting Shapes

El Michels Affair’s Adult Themes

Passarani’s The Wildlife of the Quieter Ones

I always love a good Jeno mixtape:

And here’s another great mix from Slowrider2020.

March 29, 2022

All hail Kim Deitch, comics master of weird mystical interlocking tales! This one comes from the last book of his I read, Reincarnation Stories. It’s a bizarro 30s western that plays almost like a sci-fi story…

I’m sure the kids these days are JUST FINE.

Check out this album by Pittsburgh’s own Davis Galvin. My fav track is Crust Shift.

The new Tangerine Dream record is also very good.

I’ve also been enjoying this new Legowelt mix this week.

cat books are cool

March 22, 2022

Here’s The Uncanny, an anthology of cat-based horror. I like the middle one best. The credit sequence with the cat paintings at the beginning is pretty great too.

Here’s Delfonic spinning disco from 1977 for Le Visiteur:

More Cruikshank vibes here:

Lee Willard was nice enough to read and review a bunch of my novels over on Smashwords! He’s written a ton of books—all free—that involve a planet called Kassidor. It’s a fully realized psychedelic sci-fi world. Check out his website too.

This mix from Youandewan is really good:

Here’s some funky disco from Fran Deeper:

March 15, 2022

Been a long time since my last update, I was fired and didn’t have access to a computer. FUCK EVERY SINGLE BOSS. If you are a boss reading this, FUCK YOU GO AWAY. Work is a scam and this last job turned me into a full-fledged anarchist. All these hierarchies are poison and they need to be torn down one at a time. Medicare For All, Abolish Prisons, Defund the Police, Universal Basic Income Now! I’m not in the mood to post an update to a website that doesn’t get any hits anyway, maybe I’ll start up again next week or just go do something else with my time.

February 8, 2022

Kids in supernatural trouble. This movie freaked me out when I was a kid…

I feel weird about putting a ‘free with ads’ YouTube movie on here, but The Gate is worth it.

Heavy Cruikshank vibes. I found this Amy Lockhart animation thanks to Astraleyez.

Okay, not as deep a k-hole as frozen plane vids, but here’s some footage of clouds behaving strangely:

“Run up on it.”

Disco from Kellit for Acuña:

The elctro-renaissance continues with this mix from Central Processing Unit.

I’m in favor of any mix that has Biz and EPMD in it. Here’s a nice one from DJ Overdose:

February 1, 2022

Mystics in Bali has it all: tattoo-tongues, cackling, pig and serpent transformations, and fetus eating. Wow!

The only way we’ll ever get Medicare for All nationally is if the states start doing it first, but in California, with complete Democratic control of the government, they won’t even vote on the single payer bill in the assembly. This is why we can’t have nice things. They just repeat the mantra ‘it’s too expensive’ as if we don’t know that IT’S LESS EXPENSIVE THAN WHAT WE’RE DOING NOW!!! They really think the electorate is stupid—they’re literally banking on it!

Oh my god it’s San Soda with that funky shit!

This mix by Alfret for Radio Pager will keep you bopping for a full hour no problem…

I’d heard the Amy Winehouse version, but the OG is so goddamn buttery nice!

January 25, 2022

Is this what they meant by Disco Inferno?

Abolish prisons now.

Slowrider2020 with a mix of what I would’ve labeled ‘illbient’ back in the 90s haha. Good shit…

I find this story fascinating. If it were a photographer who took a picture of a wounded person and sold it as an NFT, would the response have been similar? I don’t think so, but the fact that the photo was taken at a hospital by a doctor makes it way more of a violation somehow. Is it because the inside of a body is more private? Is it because a doctor is not allowed to call a product of their work art? I want to defend the guy, but NFTs are such an absolute greedhead con-job I just can’t…

January 18, 2022

Any Ava Garnder fans out there??? This is a Brian Saur rec, look out for young Patsy in the entourage too!

Ok, so I was looking at floating bird videos on YouTube and I found a bunch of floating plane videos too. I figure the small planes are easily explainable if they’re flying into a strong headwind, but how does that work with a 747??? Not sure what I’m looking at here:

THIS ONE doesn’t want to embed, but it’s pretty good too.

Sloth Boogie!

Sansibar always brings those pretty mixes…

Immersive joy from Akua B.

January 11, 2022

Clown at Midnight is a Shawn C. Philips rec. I never heard of it but he said it was a backstage-killer movie like Stagefreight so I figured I’d better check it out. I was not disappointed!

I like THIS PAINTING by Alina Perez. It’s called Keep Still:

HERE‘s a disco mix by Pied Piper for Puzzled Radio:

No such thing as too much disco. This mix is by Ben Spalding—he’s always good…

January 4, 2022

Someone I follow on Letterboxd recently watched this and I was happy to find it on YouTube. It’s Hail the New Puritan, a perfect 2022 movie. Here’s to all the glue-sniffing choreographers!

Here’s one that’ll make ya think!

Kicking off the year with some great funky disco courtesy of Greg Wilson. Try not to dance to this shit, it’s impossible.

This eccentric hip-hop mix from Dave Hudson gets a yes from me.

Ravey fog-machine & strobe light shit from Camea

Magrosi brings the funk to YouTube.

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